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Aroniaina Falinirina

Position: PhD student
Institution: IHSM (U. of Tulear)
Project(s): Health

Aroniaina FALINIRINA is a PhD student at Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines (Fisheries and Marines Sciences Institute) at the University of Toliara – Madagascar. He has done studies about the marine sciences since 2014 and has focused on the Coral reef ecosystem. He got his bachelor in management of biodiversity and the marine environment doing research about the biological characterization of reef fisheries areas in the southern part of Toliara. He did his Master degrees at the University of Reunion Island-France where he followed the Biodiversity and Tropical Ecosystems / aquatic, coastal and island course. His research, undertaken at the research Lab UMR Ecologie mariNe TROpicale des océans Pacifique et IndiEn (ENTROPIE), dealt with the analysis of the variation of Functional and Taxonomic diversity of coral assemblages in the south-west Indian Ocean islands. 

Aroniaina is now conducting his thesis project, in the frame of the project ARMS to reefs: a new tool to restore coral reef biodiversity, fisheries yields, and human health in Madagascar. He will focus on the relationship between fishing and mariculture in Ranobe Bay (Toliara) and how will the installation of ARMS and the artificial reef influence the quality of life of local communities?