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Ando Miharifetra

Position: PhD student
Institution: U. of Antananarivo
Project(s): Health

Ando Ravelomanantsoa Miharifetra is a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Life and Health Sciences at the University of Antananarivo through a collaboration with the National Institute of Public and Community Health (INSPC). 

Ando holds two diplomas from the Faculty of Medicine of Antananarivo: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2009 and a University Diploma in Vaccinology and Infectiology in 2016. He did his Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp Belgium in 2013 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Endangered Species Recovery from the University of Kent UK in 2018. 

He is a researcher-teacher at the Malagasy Institute of Veterinary Vaccines. With the Madagascar Health and Environmental Research (MAHERY), he is coordinating a project on alternative animal protein supply by securing village chickens against devastating disease in six communities located around national parks in the North-Eastern of Madagascar.

For the ARMS project, his research will focus on is to assess the before and after installation of ARMS on the Nutrition and Health of the fishers and non-fishers population living around Ranobe Bay.