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Dr. Gildas Todinanahary

Position: PI
Institution: IHSM (U. of Tulear)
Project(s): Ecology
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Dr Gildas Todinanahary is currently a Senior lecture at the Fishery and Marine Science Institute of the University of Toliara, Madagascar.

Gildas joined IH.SM as a student in 2004 to begin his course in Marine and Coastal Sciences. After defending his Master's thesis in 2010, he worked as a temporary research assistant within the Institute, before being selected to be a PhD student within the framework of the Polyaquaculture Research Unit - ARES-CCD project.

Since his PhD research between 2012 and 2016, Gildas has worked on coral farming and coral bio-ecology within the established "Polyaquaculture Research Unit" (PRU) team. 

His PhD thesis entitled "Evaluation of the biological, economic and social potential of community-based coral farming in southwestern Madagascar" was awarded the HERA Doctoral thesis Award in 2017 and in 2020. The research carried out by Gildas and his team concerns critical habitats/ecosystems such as coral reefs. The subjects covered range from the study of biodiversity (identification of scleractinians and black corals), ecology (state of health, resilience) and biology applied to restoration and fisheries (coral breeding, reefs artificial) and management tools (remote sensing, community approach, education). 

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