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Dr. Jean-Dominique Durand

Position: Senior Scientist
Institution: IRD (France)
Project(s): Fisheries
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Jean-Dominique is a population geneticist at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD, France). His research activity interested in the origin and dynamics of marine biodiversity and more particularly on evolutionary processes. His work focuses specifically on marine tropical fish as study models. In order to strengthen our knowledge in this area, he seeks to combine information from molecular phylogeny, population genetics and population biology. He has expanded his work to species delineation and more broadly the marine diversity description. As scientist collaborator in ARMS Restore, Jean-Dominique will build a reference DNA barcode library of Malagasy fishes and monitor the fish diversity thanks to eDNA metabarcoding on restored coral reef as well as in putative source of fish diversity (sea-grass beds, coral reefs and mangroves).